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Welcome to Steps ‘N Strides, your on-line women’s coaching resource for getting healthier and happier by putting ‘Your Body In Motion at Your Pace’!

Get Knowledge, Be Empowered, Take Action!

No prescribed goals here. No boot camp style training. No ‘in your face’ coaching methods. No ‘my way is the only way’ philosophy.

I am here to help you get healthier and more active by understanding your individual motivations so you can meet any goals you set for yourself and beyond.  Whether you choose a goal of a 10 minute daily walk or if you want to run a marathon, our coaching can help you accomplish your goal in your way.

So if you are looking for support to;

  • Just get out the door
  • Keep your motivation going
  • Hold yourself accountable to yourself
  • Improve your health and well being, or
  • Enjoy staying active and simply moving your body
  • Becoming more confident and empowered

Then this is the place for you.

We Don’t Obsess About Weight

One of the things I don’t do or recommend is focusing too strongly on weight management.  I have learned over the years (and there is plenty of research to support this), that if you obsess over weight management it can become an ‘all or nothing’ proposition.  If that happens then any lapse or if you ‘fall off the wagon’, the blow to your self-esteem and feeling of disappointment in yourself can derail your entire fitness program.

Learning New Skills Builds New Behaviors Which Reinforces Motivation and Action

I have found it far more effective to build new skills and behavior that will inherently reinforce your efforts.

  • Start by focusing on building new skills and habits. Beginning with simple things such as just getting out the door for a short walk.  That will put you on the road to a healthier you!
  • By concentrating on making small changes in your routine and learning new skills you will begin to feel better, look better and become more motivated.
  • When you become more motivated you will find you are motivated in other aspects of your life making it easier for you to make better and healthier choices.
  • Before you know it, you will find improvements in your health and how you feel intrinsically rewarding which leads to even higher levels of motivation…Learning new skills builds new behaviors which reinforces motivation and action.

I am a committed runner with a strong academic foundation in Psychology and Applied Behavior Analysis so I am in a great position to help you achieve your goals.  I can help you unmask any ambivalence you may have between what you desire to achieve and your actual behavior.  Behavioral economists call this the “two selves”, the gung-ho self that plans to change and the self who finds reasons and excuses to bail on the plans.  We all suffer from this “two selves” but I can help you deal with this and to;

  • Make and keep realistic commitments to yourself
  • Be relaxed about your program and enjoy the process. You are far more likely to stick to a program you enjoy.
  • Have fun, today and tomorrow.

Moving As a Practice – NOT a Sport

Over the years I have been fortunate, for the most part, to have remained injury free.  With the exception of one accident, where I fell and broke my ankle, I have never been plagued by injuries, unlike so many of my fellow runners.

It wasn’t until I took my passion for walking and running from a hobby to a coaching career, by becoming a certified personal instructor, running coach and transformation coach, did I begin to understand why I have been able to run for so long  injury-free.  It was then, when I began my journey as a Certified ChiWalking and ChiRunning Coach, that I realized much of my natural running style was the reason behind my lack of injury. However, contrary to popular belief, most adults actually need to learn to walk and run by unlearning decades of poor posture, ill-fitting or improper shoes, and non-optimal mechanical skills.  Once we get a grasp on these principles we can then walk and run long distances injury-free and begin treating walking and running as a practice and a way of life, not simply as a goal-oriented sport focused on time and who we can beat.

To walk and run well, and enjoy it, we need to first understand the mechanics of movement, understand how to build endurance and only then work on other goals such as speed and distance. How you move and practicing good form is mission critical to the end goal, whether your personal goal is driven by health, weight management or simply to enjoy yourself.

Follow our blog, sign up for our newsletter, join in on the action and get out the door . See you out there!


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